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£25 million Available For Investing In Robotic Aids

A Russian billionaire has pledge to give a huge grant to any company willing to develop the field of personal robotics. The focus of this project must be on providing affordable machines for every day support in every aspect of our lives. This may seem a farfetched concept but computers were once viewed as an advanced technology that should only be used in lab environments or in the corporate world. Dimitry Grishin envisages a time when a personal robot will be used to help us deal with the daily tasks that govern our lives and he plans to accelerate the process by offering this grant.

Although it may seem as computer moguls dream, for the people who work with and understand this technology this is a very real possibility. It is clear that this technology has not been harnessed to its full potential but with the right approach this could all change. Before now funding for this type of endeavour has been limited but now with this metaphorical carrot dangled in front of the peers of this industry real change is possible.

The time has come where robotics should be a main stay in people’s homes and it should not be viewed as something futuristic. Personal robots should be available in the here and now, with their use being evident though out society. Pioneers of this field will argue a similar point but the means for this to all happen has not been available until now. If this dream is to become a reality, a product needs to be available that is both practical and affordable. There is no use having a device that is of exceptional quality but is not affordable to the average family. An exciting new dawn is on the horizon and the time has come to embrace the world of robotics.