Introduction To Lab Automation

In this article I want to introduce you to lab automation and I can assure you that is a very serious subject that should be taken as such. I will go into detail how robotic systems work in lei mans terms and hopefully this will spur you on to learn even more about this fascinating technology operates in the laboratory.

Computers have had a huge impact on how machines carry out there work load but computers have also changed are perception of robotics. On this website I will discuss various elements of robotics but also touch on their affect on society as a hole. You can use this website as a guide to dealing with automated changes to your life and the lives of those around you. This site will focus primarily on lab robotics and how they operate but also on why they are so important to accurate repeatable experimenting.

It is true that this type of automation is not the most popular but I will show you why it is so necessary for our evolution as a species. Our environment will also evolve and present us with new challenges that will test our technology to its very limit. Everyone will be affected by this, regardless of your profession or position in society. The information age is upon us and it is essential that we are able to maximize our potential.

The appearance of robots in the laboratory has helped harness the potential power of more accurate results, that can be relied upon as scientific fact. If we are to breakdown the barriers of illness and to a certain extent physics we need to have a greater understanding of how these machines function. I am certain that a new-age is upon us and robotics will play a vital role. The results that these experiments will give us, will be more beneficial to us, than experiments carried out without automation.

In this article, I have not used any complicated terms, formulas or diagrams. I just want to make this subject aware to you and act as a springboard for you to carry out more research. In later posts I show you how software controls lab automated processes and will help you fully understand this challenging subject. I will not discuss any manufacturers or specific companies, as this will beyond the scope of this blog.


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